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Recent news


We supply high-quality noble metal nanocrystals. Please click the image below for more information.


We currently have postdoctoral positions open in plasmonics. Please click here for more details.


Our research interests are currently focusing on:


(1) Noble metal nanostructures: synthesis and plasmonic properties;


(2) Metal/semiconductor hybrid nanostructures: synthesis, plasmonic properties and hot carrier generation and utilization;


(3) Metal oxide structures: synthesis and photocatalytic properties.


These projects are highly interdisciplinary. We aim at fundamental understanding both for scientific curiosity and for technological applications. We warmly welcome students who are interested in the topics above to apply for PhD study in physics or materials science and engineering.

February, 2015

Our paper (Adv. Opt. Mater. 2014, 2, 65) has been selected as one of the best articles published on AOM in 2014.


August, 2014

Congratulations to Ms Qian LI on the successful defense for PhD degree on physics.


August, 2014

Welcome Ms. Ping NIU to join in our group as a joint postdoctoral researcher with Professor Jimmy C. YU's group.


August, 2014

Welcome Mr. Hang Kuen YIP (physics), Mr. Wenzheng LU (MSE) and Mr. Ximin CUI (physics) to join in our group as PhD students.


July, 2014

Congratulations to Ms Caihong FANG on the successful defense for PhD degree on MSE and becoming an associate professor in Anhui Normal University.


April, 2014

Our group warmly welcomes students who are interested in PhD studies in either physics or materials science & engineering. Please see our departmental website for early application information on physics and materials science & engineering.