to be held
May 20 íV May 23, 2011

organized and sponsored by
Institute of Theoretical Physics, Centre of Optical Sciences, and Department of Physics,
The Chinese University of Hong Kong



Coherent control and manipulation of electromagnetic energy at optical frequencies on the subwavelength scale is a rapidly evolving field in the forefront areas of optics, nanoscience, and quantum information processing. An explosively expanding branch of this field, plasmonics, takes advantage of the ability of metal nanostructures to concentrate and locally enhance electromagnetic fields by orders of magnitude. This ability provides a remarkably effective means for nanoscale signal generation and processing. The potential applications of plasmonics will span many disciplines, including the enhancement of nonlinear optical effects high-speed nanoscale interconnects, metamaterials, high-performance chemical and biological sensing, subwavelength photonic circuits, near-field optical trapping, and high-density data storage. Pushing the envelope of these wide-range applications relies on fully understanding the underlying physics of plasmonic excitations in nanostructures by experimental, theoretical, and computational approaches. This workshop aims to bring together the experts in plasmonics and condensed matter physics to exchange their new results and challenging ideas, especially from the theoretical and computational perspectives.


Invited Speakers

Che Ting Chan, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology [Abstract]
Cheng-Hsuan Chen, National Taiwan University [Abstract]
Huan-Jun Chen, The Chinese University of Hong Kong [Abstract]
Francisco J. Garcia-Vidal, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid [Abstract]
Shangjr Gwo, National Tsing Hua University [Abstract]
Zee Hwan Kim, Korea University [Abstract]
Junichiro Kono, Rice University [Abstract]
Kwang Geol Lee, ETH Zürich [Abstract]
Bao-Jun Li, Sun Yat-sen University [Abstract]
Hong-Qiang Li, Tongji University [Abstract]
Zhi-Yuan Li, Chinese Academy of Sciences [Abstract]
Kevin MacDonald, University of Southampton [Abstract]
Q-Han Park, Korea University [Abstract]
James Schuck, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory [Abstract]
Mark I. Stockman, Georgia State University [Abstract]
Jing-Hua Teng, Institute of Materials Research and Engineering, A*STAR [Abstract]
Hai-Feng Wang, Data Storage Institute, A*STAR [Abstract]
Qu-Quan Wang, Wuhan University [Abstract]
Hong-Xing Xu, Chinese Academy of Sciences [Abstract]
Jun-Xiang Zhang, Shanxi University [Abstract]


Workshop Mode

Invited talks and poster presentations


Workshop Language



Workshop Veune

L4, Science Centre, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shatin, N.T., Hong Kong


Organizing Committee

Jian-Fang Wang, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Hai-Qing Lin, The Chinese University of Hong Kong



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